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5 common mistakes to avoid when selling a house quickly

Blog - Oct 22, 2020

The UK housing market is fast-changing and it is common to be impatient and anxious about the procedure as there is no guarantee of a quick house sale.

All homeowners want their property to be sold quickly and at a high profit.  In many cases, houses can remain unsold on the property market for months and this might be due to your agent or partially due to common mistakes on the part of the property owners.
You might also be bothered with the scenario of a fast house sale of one of your neighbours while it takes a lot of time for your own house to sell. This often leads to costly mistakes by inexperienced home sellers.

Read to find about the top 5 mistakes you need to avoid for a fast sale of your house.

Overpricing your house:
If a home doesn't sell in a fast-moving market, there might be something wrong with it, or it might just be overpriced and this could be the main reason buyers don't make offers on overpriced homes. An accurate valuation of your house comprises one of the most critical components of your house sale. Keeping the price high might dissuade potential buyers from your property. While keeping the price too low will lead to a substantial loss for you. 
The UK housing market is very dynamic and you need to consider a lot of factors while deciding the right price of your property. Try to find the "Fair Market Value" of your property by taking into consideration the prices of properties in your neighbourhood with similar size and conditions.

Ignoring basic maintenance issues:
While putting your house for sale, you must make sure to address basic maintenance issues like fixing leaking roofs, faulty pipes, holes in the walls, and the paint of the house. Potential buyers will be looking for a ready to move in house and without these basic amenities, buyers will not be interested in your property.
While doing the necessary repairs before putting your house for sale is really essential, house-sellers end up making this common mistake. They do those maintenance work by themselves. However, DIY renovations are cheap options they can be highly risky. If the renovations are not done properly, there might be damages to your house and a substantial reduction of property value. Also, it might be highly time-consuming and can negate the very essence of your motive of selling your house fast.

Lack of marketing:
According to a lot of house sellers, if they put a "House For Sale" board outside their house, it will eventually sell. While the truth is your house doesn't sell itself, you need to market it properly for it to sell fast. Take some good pictures of your house, highlight the beauty of your property and advertise your house online across many platforms like social media and property listing portals.

Hiring a wrong estate agent:
Most of the house sellers try to hire a qualified estate agent to help them with the process of selling their house fast. The problem with the traditional estate agents besides their fees is that a lot of the time they will have you become part of a chain system and it will lengthen the whole process. When you are looking to sell your house quickly, you might end up getting a poor agent who will eventually make the process more tedious and costly for you. Do proper research about the available estate agents through your contacts or online portals and discuss with a few of them before settling for one. 

Bottom line:
Selling your house fast is a complex process. It involves proper diligence, research, and a considerable amount of time. An estate agent can help you with some of the above problems but finding a good one is an issue, and they also charge a hefty fee. Chase Property is one of the leading property buyers in the UK which offers you fast and easy sell of your house. We buy any property type, no matter the condition and help you with the quick sale of your house. There are no hidden fees and it is completely free, in fact we will even pay your legal fees for you!
Please reach out to us on WhatsApp or give us a call at +44 7311437840 to have a hassle-free property selling experience.