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5 ways to increase your home’s value before selling it

Blog - Sep 29, 2020

Once you have made your decision to sell your house, you need to know how to maximise the value before selling it. While a fast and hassle free sale of any house depends on a lot of different factors including proper marketing and an accurate value of the property, you can make some structural changes, small tweaks and facelifts to add considerable value to your property. These small but effective changes will help you to attract more buyers and will also help you to get the offer you desire for your property. Here we have listed out 5 simple ways by which you can increase your home’s value

Have a Kitchen Makeover

Well maintained and clean kitchen attracts everyone's attention. It is one of the main components of any house and often can be a deal breaker for certain buyers. Around 65% of homeowners tend to renovate their kitchen before putting their houses for sale. Renovating the complete kitchen might be time consuming and expensive but according to your budget, you can focus on particular areas that need to be renovated and leave a higher impact on buyers. So you can replace the cupboard doors and handles, change lighting and power fittings, take off old tired tiles and retile. A kitchen with clean, even surfaces and good lighting will surely add a lot of value to your property.

Perform Wall Repairs and Paint your house afresh

To make your property attractive in the eyes of potential buyers you need to change the look and feel of the house. Houses that look old and crumbled with dirty walls will be very hard to sell. Any cracks on walls and plastering need to be repaired at first. Any part of the wall which is impacted due to bad weather will surely need special attention. A house with old, flaking paint can be a no-no for any prospective buyers. So avoid these rejections by having fresh paint all over your house with some modern paint design to make it visually attractive.

Convert your cellar

Converting your cellar into a living or storage space increases the value of your property up to 30 percent. Transforming your cellar is also one of the most cost effective home improvement which can be undertaken. Moreover, this qualifies as a ‘change of use and doesn’t need planning permission

Kerb and garden charm

In Uk, garden space can be limited, but if you’ve garden enough space make it beautiful and lively, especially when you’re planning to sell your house. A deck can convert a garden into an entertaining corner, and if designed as an extra room, a summer or a treehouse can also add extra value to your property.

First impressions are important, so if you’re planning to sell your house, give your garden some kerb appeal also add features such as stone and brick, wire up of any lighting, and plant beautiful trees and flowers. Planning a layout with suitable features is required to maximise your space and also you can utilise most of your garden space.

Improve the external appearence i.e your kerb appeal

The outdoor of your house comprises of the garden, balconies, shades, parking bay, and other different elements that differ from property to property. Outdoor appearance helps to increase the look and feel of your house and also add extra value to your property. You must replace broken tiles and old plants and repair walkways. 
Balconies if you have one are a favorite space for everyone as we feel relaxed while reading our favorite book with a cup of tea. So if you can just add a small table and chairs, fill it with different planters such as some herbs to make your balcony smell as good as it looks, make sure it has fresh paint to make it look appealing.

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